Rhode Island-based producer, educator, and social media specialist who loves to craft, play with projectors, and keep up with lifestyle and pop culture. 
My work as an artist surrounds topics of identity, diaspora, mental health, and domestic spaces and has been exhibited and published over 80 times around the world including London, Rome, and CNN.
As a creator, I specialize in customized content for each social media platform. Currently I work in higher education as part of the URI Harrington School of Communication and Media developing social media strategy, video production, and facilitating remote lectures throughout the university reaching an audience of over 50,000 viewers. As part of my position at URI, I mentor and manage a team of 6 undergraduate interns and am a part-time faculty member. In past positions as a photo and video editor, I worked in entertainment, lifestyle, and parenting creating content that had up to 80 million views. 

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